New Relic and AppFog v2

CenturyLink’s AppFog v2 is supposed to have great support for New Relic. However, their documentation leaves a bit to be desired. Don’t be dissuaded: the setup process is almost comically simple. Here are the steps to set up AppFog with New Relic:

  • First, sign up for New Relic (if you haven’t already) at
  • Go to to the “APM” (Application Performance Monitoring) section to create a new app.
  • Select your language.
  • Under step 1, click Reveal License Key.

That’s all we need from New Relic. Now it’s on to AppFog:

  • cf set-env [your-app-name] NEWRELIC_LICENSE: [your license key]

And you’re done! In about five minutes, the stats should start rolling in.

(A note: In my case, New Relic kept a warning on that page that no data had been received, so the app might not have been set up correctly. I bypassed this and manually reloaded, and it worked regardless.)

Piano Heatmap Analysis (Part 1)

I have always been curious about what the most-used key on the piano is. Songs like Billy Joel’s “Prelude” (C4) or Beethoven’s “Für Elise” (A2) must throw off averages significantly, especially when practiced repeatedly, right? Also, I thought it would be cool to figure out how many keys total have been played: they should add up quickly! There do exist programs that do this for computer keyboards (and here are my stats, if somewhat out of date), but as far as I could tell there wasn’t a good option for a piano keyboard.

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